# Troubleshooting

# I can't find my license key

You can recover your information in these ways:

# MFD screens are black or the tablet won't open

This almost always means the installation is corrupt or there is an addon conflict.


  1. In Hype Operations Center, select Removes All Packages.
  2. Select Install on the latest version of the product.
  3. If the aircraft is still not working, remove all other addons from Community folder.

# GTN750 screens are black

If the GTN750 screens are black then use the tablet to ensure the setting is as desired. Make sure to remove old H145 packages which enabled GTN750 options, as this setting is now built-in.


  1. H145 Tablet -> Aircraft (app) -> Options (page). Change GTN750 Software to either pms50 or TDSSim.
  2. If the GTN750 remains blank, reinstall the vendor software module and try again.
  3. If the GTN750 remains black, remove all other addons from Community folder.

# It feels like I am fighting the aircraft when I fly.

You need to use Cyclic Trim Release, this removes the deadzone and also pauses the AFCS so it will not compete with you.

# The aircraft is not reliable when flying with autopilot upper modes (HDG, IAS, ALT)

Ensure that your Cyclic Deadzone is large enough. You must not have accidental HANDS ON input as this will compromise the autopilot.

# Click-spots in the virtual cockpit are offset

Lens Correct will distort the view and break clicking on controls.


  1. Turn off the MSFS Lens Correction setting.

# The camera moves in an erratic way, mostly when taking off and landing.

Something is wrong with the Camera Shake setting, it needs to be cycled to fix it.


  1. Turn On MSFS Camera Shake. Apply.
  2. Turn Off MSFS Camera Shake. Apply.

# I have bound a hotkey but it always sends multiple commands

MSFS Bindings have the option for "On Press" and "On Release". By default, keys will repeat after some short delay.


  1. Go into MSFS Control settings and change the binding to On Release.

# Aircraft has pink textures

A. A common problem is to install only the Action Pack. You must also install the H145 Base Pack.

B. Very old civil variant liveries need a texture.cfg update since they were not authored with one initially:


C. If you are a livery author, check the user guide for texture.cfg configuration for the variant you are painting.

# MGB Over limit / Aircraft won't takeoff

These warnings indicate aircraft damage. This our new detailed damage model in action.

  1. On the tablet, use the Failures & Maintenance app, and clear the damage by clicking Do All Maintenance.
  2. (optional) turn Aircraft Damage to OFF in the Aircraft app on the Setup page.

# Unable to start at MSFS Helipads

Liveries authored before Sim Update 11 (Nov 2022) will need to be updated in order to avoid preventing H145 from starting at helipads.


  1. Locate the aircraft.cfg file within the livery package (if you find two, update both)
  2. Change ui_typerole="Helicopter" to ui_typerole="Rotorcraft".

The built-in H145 liveries are up to date, as of build 360. If you are still using Version 1.0, you would also need to make this change to the base liveries.