# Hype Operations Center

# Download & Install

Get the latest version here (opens new window). The program is an EXE installer and may be discarded once installed.

# Install H145

  1. Open Hype Operations Center by the shortcut on your Start menu.

  2. Visit the H145 page (select the thumbnail on the left).

  3. Ensure the Community Location is correct. Click an item and ensure that one is selected in blue.

  4. Visit again the H145 page (top left), click Manage Installation.

  5. Fill in your License Key for Base Pack and Action Pack. Click the Add button when done. You will find your license key in your email, from Hype Performance Group Downloads. Help me find my details!

  6. Select Install next to a version for installation.

After Installation, status will change from Not Detected to showing the installed software version:

# After Installation

  • Upgrade does not require uninstall, however rolling back to an earlier version does.
  • To use an older version, click Remove all packages and then Install. You may need to reveal all versions by selecting Show Hidden Versions.

# Download Cache

ZIP files are cached to %localappdata%\Hype Aircraft\Downloads. You may clear this directory as needed and the large files will be re-downloaded, however this may be slow. You may also junction this location to another drive if needed.

Products are composed of a main package (large) and an update package (much smaller). Keeping the main package will allow you to avoid any extra download time when changing builds (specifically rolling back or reinstalling).

# Use of Addon Linker

Use of the third party program Addon Linker is supported: you should place all of your HPG addons into one folder somewhere, and then point Hype Operations Center to that folder as if it was your Community location. Then link in your content as normally in addon linker.

Note that Hype Operations Center assumes it can find content like mission packs by navigating to other folders in your selected Community Location. For this reason you should place HPG addons, mission packs and object packs into one combined location so that Hype Operations Center sees it as a 'normal Community folder'.